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Do you know someone with a stirring story to share? Someone whose words could spark a revolution of the heart? Is there someone in your circle who would thrive in our Inspirational Authors Community?

Becoming a referral partner is not just a win, it’s a Win-Win-WIN! You get to empower someone with the tools they need to amplify their voice and make an impact. The world gets a new beacon of inspiration, transforming lives one story at a time. And you? You get to bask in the glow of doing something truly wonderful, plus earn a referral commission!

Welcome to our Inspirational Authors Referral Program! This program encompasses all my products and coaching programs.

By sharing our content and offers, you can earn referral commissions. Let’s break it down:

  • Live Group Coaching / Intensives – Earn a 20% commission for every referred enrolment.
  • Information Products / On-Demand Products – Bag a whopping 50% commission per sale.

Imagine that! You’re not just inspiring change; you’re also being rewarded for it. So, are you ready to join us, to make a difference and inspire the world?

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It is a pure joy to support inspirational authors like you. I'd love to chat about your goals and help make your publishing dreams come true. - Benecia Ponder