5 Strategies to Create Unstoppable Book Writing Momentum 

 September 25, 2019

By  Benecia Ponder

  1. REAL TALK: No matter how AMAZING your dream to write a book is, at some point or another you’re going to lose steam. It’s okay…this is a natural part of the process.

The trick is to find more fuel for your fire and fan the flames again. Easier said than done, right? Maybe…

Motivation To Get Your Book Done

I absolutely love this quote from Darren Hardy….

YOU have the match. 

And, if you want to finally achieve your dream of writing and publishing your book this year, you’re going to have to light that match!

5 StrategiesTo Build Unstoppable Book Writing Momentum

Book Writing Momentum Tip #1

Tell motivated, positive, uplifting people about your goals and dreams.  It’s important you’re careful about who you talk to when it comes to sharing your book writing dreams.  I know your goals are exciting and you want to tell the world about them. But in the beginning, you must protect your vision. Sharing your goals with the wrong people could stop you before you even begin.

Book Writing Momentum Tip #2

Keep your goal in front of you at all all times. Create a vision board and put it up where you can see it every day. You might also want to write your goal on index cards and place them in various places around your home, car, and office. The daily reminders will help you to maintain momentum and motivation for your goals.

Book Writing Momentum Tip #3

Plan and journal about your dreams and aspirations. Fill the pages of your journal with the details of your dreams and the steps you are taking to accomplish them. As you write, your dreams come alive and you become more and more attached to the outcomes. Don’t have a journal…get one!  (Hint: This is a great way to cure your writer’s block, too!)

Book Writing Momentum Tip#4

Track your progress.    So many times life gets in the way and our goals can get pushed to the back burner. To help keep you on track set aside time each week to review yoru progress. This process will help keep you from straying too far off track.

Book Writing Momentum Tip #5

Celebrate your progress.  Writing a book is a process. It’s not just about what you get at the end of the journey. It’s also about who you become in the process. Set meaningful milestones on the way to your big goal and celebrate each time you reach one of the milestones.

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Benecia Ponder

Hi there! I'm Benecia Ponder, the Book Writing and Publishing Mentor for Inspirational Authors. My passion is helping faith-focused entrepreneurs, ministry leaders, influencers, and creators like you turn your powerful messages into impactful and compelling books. Together, we'll maximize both your impact and income as you navigate the writing and publishing journey. I even offer free workshops to ensure you perfect your craft without spending a fortune. Ready to bring your inspiring stories to life? Let's connect and make your dream of becoming a published author a reality!

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