Inspire The World With Your Story (part 1): How To Share Your Story With Confidence 

 September 17, 2019

By  Benecia Ponder

Are you ready to inspire the world with your story…

…but there is something that keeps holding you back?

Maybe it’s the fear that your story is not unique or compelling enough? Maybe it’s the fear that you don’t have it all together and someone might see how imperfect you really are? Maybe it’s the fear that you just don’t have what it takes to share your story in a powerful way?

Whatever it is that has been holding you back—we’re breaking free today!

It’s Day #1 of our Inspire the World with Your Story broadcast series and today, I’m sharing the #1 fear-busting secret that will help you share your message with CONFIDENCE!

Benecia Ponder

Hi there! I'm Benecia Ponder, the Book Writing and Publishing Mentor for Inspirational Authors. My passion is helping faith-focused entrepreneurs, ministry leaders, influencers, and creators like you turn your powerful messages into impactful and compelling books. Together, we'll maximize both your impact and income as you navigate the writing and publishing journey. I even offer free workshops to ensure you perfect your craft without spending a fortune. Ready to bring your inspiring stories to life? Let's connect and make your dream of becoming a published author a reality!

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