Permission to Breakthrough – An Interview with Dr. Katherine E. James 

 July 6, 2023

By  Benecia Ponder

Welcome to our Inspirational Devotionals Author Interview Series. This series is dedicated to showcasing the remarkable co-authors of “Breakthrough Moments,” a collaborative book project that aims to inspire and uplift readers with stories of faith, resilience, and breakthrough. Today, we are honored to have Dr. Katherine E. James as our guest.


Meet Dr. Katherine E. James

Dr. James is not just an author; she’s an embodiment of love, faith, and service. Celebrating 39 years of marriage to her high school sweetheart, she is a proud mother, grandmother, and a cherished member of an extensive group of friends (framily).

An associate pastor at Shiloh Deliverance Church International in Detroit, a licensed professional counselor, university and seminary professor, and a published author – Dr. James wears many hats with grace. She also serves as a ‘soul midwife,’ guiding others on their journey to self-love.

Embracing the Breakthrough

The theme of our conversation with Dr. James revolves around her contribution to “Breakthrough Moments.” She firmly believes in the transformative power of releasing self-sabotaging limiting beliefs and embracing self-love.

According to her, when we let go of the negativity that binds us and learn to love ourselves fully, we create space for God’s amazing breakthroughs in our lives. Her insights offer a refreshing perspective on personal growth and spiritual transformation.

A Life of Love and Service

Dr. James’s devotion to serving others is evident in her community leadership and her commitment to fostering healthy relationships. She practices loving herself first, ensuring there’s enough love overflowing to share with others.

Her philosophy resonates through her work, whether she’s counseling individuals, leading her congregation, or sharing her wisdom through her writings. Her life and work are a testament to the power of love and faith.

As we delve into this enlightening conversation with Dr. James, we invite you to reflect on your journey. What limiting beliefs are holding you back? How can you cultivate more self-love? And most importantly, how can you open up space for God’s breakthroughs in your life?

Tune in for this heartwarming conversation with Dr. Katherine E. James. We promise it will be filled with wisdom, inspiration, and guidance that could lead to your own breakthrough moment.

Share Your Story

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