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Learning to Love Yourself with Dr. Katherine E. James (Divine Direction Co-Author)

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Welcome To the Divine Direction Author Interview Series!

In this episode, Dr. Katherine E. James shares her story of learning to love herself fully. If you are feeling drained and depleted while trying to serve others, it’s time for a fill-up. Dr. Kathand shows us how we can re-energize and refuel so we can serve from a place of abundance!

Dr. Katherine E. James celebrates thirty-eight years of marriage, her son, and her daughter in love. She loves God and functions as an associate pastor at Shiloh Deliverance Church International in Detroit, Michigan. Katherine serves as a licensed professional counselor, university and seminary professor, published author, speaker, community leader, and self-love transformational and freedom conductor. Katherine most treasures her relationships; therefore, she intentionally loves herself first to assure there is an overflow of love to share with others.

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