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Manifesting Abundance with Rayven Monique (Divine Direction Co-Author)

By August 25, 2022 September 11th, 2022 No Comments

Welcome To the Divine Direction Author Interview Series!

In this episode, Rayven Monique shares how to truly experience God’s best for your life. Her story of transcending limiting beliefs to enjoy life as her highest and best self is powerful!

Lady Rayven Monique is a doer in life – she does things that others can’t, or won’t. A true original, she’s manifested incredible adventures, ranging from touring the country for 6-years with her family in an RV, to meeting her soul-mate, to delivering 9 babies as a surrogate mother. Rayven believes that happiness is our natural state of being, and guides others to manifesting their own dreams. She lives in Florida on a 5-acre permaculture homestead.

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