The Untapped Power of Your Unique Story: How Sharing Your Journey Can Change the World 

 July 2, 2023

By  Benecia Ponder

Have you ever felt that there’s something missing in the world? Or that there’s a gap that needs to be filled, but you’re not quite sure what it is or how to bridge it? What if I told you that your own life story might hold the key to solving this problem? That’s right—your story has the potential to make a remarkable impact in the world, and it’s time you started sharing it.

Our individual stories are like puzzle pieces that, when put together, paint a bigger picture of the human experience. Each of us has a unique perspective and set of experiences that can help others navigate their own lives, understand different viewpoints, and ultimately, solve problems that are plaguing our society. No matter how small or grand your story may seem, it has the power to touch hearts, open minds, and inspire change.

As I wrap up this blog post series, I want to equip you with a powerful fool to help you 

Unleash Your Story’s Superpower

Your story has the potential to inspire, connect, and transform the lives of your readers. I’m going to walk you through an activity that will help you find the purpose in your personal story, uncover the unique problems it solves, identify the impact it can make, and create a mission statement for your story. I call this the Story Purpose Pyramid.

To create your Story Purpose Pyramid, you’ll need a pen and paper or a digital device to take notes. You’ll be creating a pyramid with four levels, each representing a different aspect of discovering the purpose of your personal story.

Level 1: Brainstorm Themes

Begin by writing down possible themes that could be explored in your personal story. These themes might include overcoming adversity, self-discovery, forgiveness, or love. 

Aim for 5-10 themes that resonate with you.. There’s no right or wrong answer here—simply write down any ideas that come to mind.

Level 2: Uncover the Unique Problems

Review your list of themes and choose the one that resonates most with you. In a few sentences, describe the unique problem your story solves related to this theme.  Ask yourself, “What unique problem does my story solve?” 

This may involve helping others overcome similar challenges, fostering empathy, or inspiring personal growth. Reflect on why you feel it’s important to share your story with the world.

Level 3: Identify the Impact

Now, think about the impact your story can make on your readers. What transformation or change do you want to inspire? Think about the vision you have for your readers when they finish your book. 

Will they feel empowered, enlightened, or more connected to others after reading your story?

Level 4: Craft Your Mission Statement

Finally, at the top of the pyramid, create a mission statement for your story—a concise summary of its purpose and impact. This one-sentence statement should answer the question, “What is the main message of my story, and how will it benefit my readers?” 

For example, “My story aims to inspire resilience and self-discovery in women by sharing my journey of overcoming adversity and finding my true purpose.”

Once you’ve completed your Story Purpose Pyramid, take a moment to review each level. Reflect on the insights you’ve gained about the purpose, unique problems, impact, and mission statement of your personal story. Use this newfound clarity to guide your writing process and create a powerful, purposeful narrative that will resonate with your readers and leave a lasting impact.

Remember, your story has the potential to change lives—embrace it, share it, and watch the incredible difference it can make in the world.

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  1. What an awesome exercise! I went through it step by step and put my answers in a document. The best part for me was summarizing my story in the second part of the pyramid. Thanks for this!

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